Other Land Info

The trails we use for our summer tours are typically in the local area and no more than six hours at a normal walking phase. We explore gorges, caves, mountain- and seaside landscapes in the areas of Anidri, Azogires, Kondoura, Voutas, Kandanos, Elafonissi and Sougia. Type of trails vary between dirt roads, E4 path, river beds, goat paths and off path trekking. Easy to medium grade only. We are currently not touring the gorges Samaria and Agia Irini. For operators, timetables and more information on these treks or trekking on your own see the local tourist information office.
A bigger selection of trekking trails available for groups during the winter – spring season.

Trekking boots are ideal but running shoes are okay on many walks. Summertime we recommend you to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing and that you’ll bring sunscreen, sunglasses, swimwear and a hat or a scarf to cover your head. In your daypack you should also have at least three litres of water, cell phone, a small snack (nothing that can melt, dried fruit or a cereal bars are good), and small bag to put your own rubbish in. We also recommend you to bring small amounts of cash, as we may make stops at local taverns or canteens.
If you are returning from a trek in Nireas’ snorkeling boat, please remember not to bring clothing or items sensitive to water.

Our rescuing service is our promise to you that we during all of our treks always have a person from our team on standby. Should any of our clients require immediate assistance we have a plan to quickly be there to evacuate you from most remote trails. That means that we if needed faster can bring you to a hospital, where many other tour operators are entirely dependent on the 112 emergency services, which may involve delay.

Tours commence at 7.00 am.
We will come and transfer you from your hotel.
If you are choosing to return to Paleochora with Nireas’ snorkeling boat, all your snorkeling equipment will wait for you on the boat.
Programme may be subjected to change due to weather conditions or other circumstances. We reserve the right to cancel any appointment.

Most paths can be walked without a guide. It is free, perhaps somewhat more adventurous than walking in a group and allows you the freedom to walk at your own pace, making as many or as few stops as you like. If you are an experienced walker, used to the sun and walking on mixed terrain you should not face any particular difficulties.
Before heading out on your own, please make sure that the information you have about the path comes from a reliable source, e.g. be local tourist information office. Do not trust what random people you meet in bars tell you (even if they work there and even if they are Greek). Check the weather forecast, as the weather can be unpredictable. Summertime the majority of days are fine for walking, but beware that temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius and above. Summer, 2015, Paleochora altogether saw about seven – eight days of rain. On most of them it was just a light drizzle, but on a couple of days there were heavy hail storms accompanied with thunder and lightning and big branches falling off trees! Make sure the day you walk is a good one!
When looking at a map planning your walks, keep in mind that you may need double the time or more to cover a distance compared to a north European country. The reason for this is that you’ll walk on goat paths, uneven walking surfaces and mixed terrain. Another factor playing a part is the hot weather.
Always tell someone where you are going and your estimated time of arrival. Remember to bring enough water with you! And enough cash. Most villages do not have ATMs and local businesses mostly only accept cash payments.
For more information on trekking and walking paths contact the local tourist information office.

If you due to a medical condition are unsure if trekking, rappel training or canyoning could be dangerous to your health, we strongly advise you to contact your doctor for a professional opinion before booking your appointment with us. Participants under the age of 18 need to have written permission from a legal guardian.
Make sure you are covered by appropriate insurance. If you do not have any insurance, we can with prior notice arrange mountain insurance for you.
We do not recommend long treks for very young children.
For canyoning you need to be able to swim and feel comfortable in the water. If you do not have any previous canyoning experience, two half days of training are required.