Trekking ( Sougia & Elafonisi )


Each Trekking Thursday our guided tours will take you to Sougia or Elafonissi. Both trails are roughly 10 km long, with estimated walking times of 5h. Neither walk has any particular difficulties.
With less uphill walking, the Elafonissi walk is however the easiest one of the two. Most of the Elafonissi trail runs in parallel with the sea, through Kedrodasos stunning juniper forest and beaches to the Elafonissi lagoon, famous for its long sand dunes, turquoise water and pink and white sands. The Sougia trail stretches from the seaside, over the mountain down to the ruins of the ancient city Lissos. Then over another mountain hill and down the gorge to Sougia village.
Transfer back to Paleochora with the daily late afternoon ferry or for an all-day adventure with Nireas’ snorkeling boat (see Thursdays Trekking + Snorkeling boat tour).