Winter Weekends

For a great time with good friends join this unforgettable adventure! Canyoning is a wonderful way to explore a different world – a word that without the use of ropes would be completely inaccessible to man. Many photographic opportunities await you inside of the mountain. Just make sure your camera’s waterproof!
As part of a team, you’ll start from the top of a gorge (canyon) and work our way down to the bottom exit. Some of the equipment you will use is a wetsuit, a helmet and a harness to which you’ll attach the ropes. Techniques in canyoning involve rappelling, walking, swimming and sliding. And if you’d like, jumping down cliffs into deep pools of water.
Depending on the weather and participant interest we will regularly start revisiting the gorges on the east side of Crete around the end of November. Of safety reasons beginners are required to attend two half days of training in Paleochora before visiting any gorges. For private groups, canyoning can be combined with winter’s trekking tour programs. Please contact us for more information.