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Nireas opened in June 2015 and stays open all year, with activities varying with the seasons. Summertime our main focus is on the sea, with scuba diving and snorkeling as our core activities. All through the year we of course also offer our clients half – full day trekking tours. Wintertime we extend our selection of trekking trails and offer winter visitors weekly trekking programs. We put larger focus on rappel trainings and organize weekend canyoning excursions to the east side of Crete.



Each Tuesday this summer there will be a different organized day trek, which you as a single traveller can book. Paths we’ll explore are in the area of Paleochora, Anidri, Azogires, Voutas, Kondoura and Kandanos.
More information on our next Trekking Tuesday and photos from our treks can be found on our Facebook page, which will be frequently updated all through summer.

Private Trekking


Discover the local area on foot with one of our many day or half day tours. You might be surprised over all of the amazing places you will find just a stone’s throw away!
Many of our favourite walking paths are not far away, but may be a little tricky to find or get to on your own. Bring your own group of two people or more and we’ll sort out the rest!
Daily appointments available by booking all year round.


Winter Weekends

For a great time with good friends join this unforgettable adventure! Canyoning is a wonderful way to explore a different world – a word that without the use of ropes would be completely inaccessible to man. Many photographic opportunities await you inside of the mountain. Just make sure your camera’s waterproof!

Rappel Training


Abseil down your first wall! Beginner courses available for anyone who is interested in learning the basic techniques of rappelling, how to descend and how to use the ropes.
Two half days of training will cover the fundamental theory of what you’ll need to know for winter’s canyoning events with us. Groups of min. 2 people per training. Daily appointments available all year.

Private Tours


Design your own private adventure cruise! Tailor made full or half day tours suit your family’s or friends’ wishes and requirements available for 4 – 8 people.
Combine snorkeling, diving and trekking and who knows what else?
Check in with us for more information.

Trekking & Snorkeling Boat Tour


Each Trekking Thursday our guided tours will take you to Sougia or Elafonissi. In the afternoon you’ll return to Paleochora from your trek with Nireas’ boat. We’ll stop for snorkeling at some of our favourite underwater spots!
Both the Sougia and Elafonissi trails are roughly 10 km long, with estimated walking times of 5h. Neither walk has any particular difficulties. With less uphill walking, the Elafonissi walk is however the easiest one of the two.

All Day Snorkelling Boat Tour

Sundays & Thursdays

Bring your friends or family for Sunday’s and Thursday’s adventurous All Day snorkeling tour! We’ll stop at some of our favourite beaches and snorkeling spots.
Equipment you will use are mask, snorkel, wetsuit and fins. Don’t worry if you’re never snorkelled before!
Our diving instructor will be there to assist you and show you how to use all of the equipment.
Prices include all equipment, light refreshments such as soft drinks and sandwiches and a free photo CD!



Enjoy a fun snorkeling boat trip and explore the world beneath the waves!
We’ll gear you up with mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit.
If you are new to snorkeling you will be shown how to use all of the equipment by our diving instructor.